Welcome to the Vibank Skating Club


We currently have two fundraisers running.


We have the Sask Lotto tickets that cost $3 each. A book is $60. This has great cash prizes and a portion of the proceeds goes to our club.

The second fundraiser that we have is the Spirit Basket Raffle. Tickets are 3 for $5 and all proceeds go directly to our club to help keep costs down and make sure that we have everything we need to keep our club operational. Don't forget to get your tickets for a chance to win a basket full of Spirits! (Must be 19+ to win)


Please see any one of the skating families for your opportunity to purchase tickets or contact a member of the executive board.



Please don't forget that our club has been asked to work every 4th week in the canteen for various events at the canteen. When you get that call, please say that you will help! Many hands make light work!

Upcoming dates to remember:

Printable Event List

 2017-2018 Schedule.pdf

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Let's all give a big THANK YOU to our coaches! They work tirelessly to make sure everything is set up and running perfectly through the skating season. 


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